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Halkan waxaad ka dawaan karaa muuqaal aan ku sharaxayo sababta aan u sitto magaca Araweelo.



My name is Lul Kulmiye (Araweelo) and I am a mother of three, registered Interpreter and Nurse in Norway. Next to that I am the spokeswoman for Somali Gender Equity Movement (SGEM) globally, Board member of Somali Global Diaspora (GSD) ( and GSD representative in Norway, representative of SafeLive in Somalia, Founder of Kulmiso Platform, Kulmiso podcast & Kulmiso Publishing House. On this website I will write about my background, my personal life and thought and ideas. My writing will mainly be in Somali, but also English and Norwegian. Thank you for visiting my page ✌🏽❤️


Luul Araweelo & Said Jama in London 2018


You are going to read an email I received from my friend Said Jama Hussein. He a author of Somali short stories. Reading gave me a joy that took me back to the trip he refers to. This trip took me through Nugaal, Bari and Sanaag in 2019. Thanks for reading.

My dear Araweelo, Warmest greetings and heartiest salaams. The most spectacular trip I have ever had in my life. I was so fascinated, it will remain with me as one of my most memorable journeys. Being in London, under medication, and having to comply with the lockdown imposed upon us by the pandemic COVID-19, I was somewhat bored and feeling listless, when, like a bolt from the blue, I incidentally turned to the U-Tube and what do I encounter! Your land journey to Durduri village on to Al- Madow.

The barren expansive landscape, the burnt volcanic mountains, the irresistible inviting coastline.. I was your unknown companion in that unpredictable trip. During that tedious long tour, I would take repose watching the thin streaks of cloud that trailed across the azure sky. You will not be able to fully grasp my truly sincere impressions unless I tell you that I was there when you were taking photo of that lonely fox you met in the wilderness. May I also remind you of a pleasant incident now long washed away by the tide of the sea - your inscription on the sand of the sea shore “ARAWEELO WAS HERE”. But of all the various terrains of land we have travelled through, that particular spot occupied by Al-Madow and its surroundings was, indeed, beyond compare in its majestic beauty.

The combination of the wild roaring sea, the lush green coastal planes, and the wood covered mountain chain running along the coastline was, to say the least, simply awesome. Here the blessings of nature were bountifully bestowed. However, the immense pleasure I felt during this remarkable expedition would rather be incomplete without expressing my profound admiration of the wonderful work performed by Faduma Jama Jibril in her splendid garden.. a colossal task that can only be accomplished by someone with extraordinary will power, adequate knowledge, and unwavering determination, qualities she has truly shown to be characteristic traits of her great personality. This bit, I think, is enough to make you realise how I enjoyed myself joining you in that adventurous trek.

My warmest salutations, best wishes and cordial regards. Said Jama Hussein

TThe journey Said refers to can be viewed via YouTube. Click this link:

Luul Araweelo & Farhia Aden. Sep. 2, 2018 London, UK.


“ Laying its foundations, naming and processing is the job of the Teacher Said Salah. He has the right literay tools to equipment let this kid be born in peace. This story is based on a Koranic Verse which says: «Allah never changes people unless they change themselves.» Therefore when ths kid is born, change shall happen in Somalia and the door of peace and prosperity shall fly open and it can spill its rich wisdom onto other African nations. In Europe change came when people´s minds changed due to rebirth of science and arts. It can be applicable in our society. Literature has had a deep infuenceon the changes of the Somali society from early times of peace to present day of chaos and strife. At every stage of our life as a society one can see traces of literature impacting the life of the people. This drama can further push the society to margins of change which we seo desperately need, especially at this time of tribla conflicts and religious terrorism. Thanks.”

By. Abdi-Noor Haji Mohamed


Song: The Yet To Be Born

Sung by Sayid Khaliifa (UK)

Lyrics: Teacher Said Salah Ahmed (USA)
Recording: Samatar Said Salah (Finland)
Production: ALFAN Production
Transcription: Luul Kulmiye (Norway

Translation: Abdi-Noor Hagi Mohamed (Sweden)


Character of this story

Hidden in its meaning 

(An idiomatic example)

These astonishing lines

Oh Somalis

Understand them please



In the eons of time (beri)

A husband and a wife

Eight, four, six and ten

Had a large size of kids

Reproduction goes uncontrolled



Another child conceived

Like others before him

One more child awaited

Arriving empty handed




Mother´s term has arrived

Nine month pregnancy is over

Traditional birth rituals 

The alms and charities

The sound of the drums

None did make it arrive


Baby was not yet born, 

A long message did it send

Those stood in the house yard

I overheard the noisy shout

The voice of the unborn child 

 Maybe I had my sixth sins 


With my right mind I´m sure of the expressive lines



Baby has formulated questions in three sets of different statements



Oh relatives the uborn baby has said



Oh family, of whose action I was created, why do you appease me?

Have you made plans for the needs I shall be born with? 



Your under stocked house 

With insufficient beds, 

Where I shall I fit to sleep?




The mother who is barely thirty



With a kid only a year older than me holding on her left side 



Her lap can´t accommodate three, so where shall she put me?



The father who is bewildered by the distress of his kids

Sending a half-empty plate around, Shall I be an extra burden to him?



The unborn baby has said:

Oh.. the society, that which is clapping for me, fear-ridden  

have you planned for me my share of health care and education?




The unborn baby has said

Oh relatives, 

the sign of human garden

Stood up for the challenge

That life in poverty

The difficulty of planning

Has my share been put for me?


The world, from any angle viewed 

So long as it stays in this shape

Peace has eroded 

And as long as diseases are killing infants

And death is waiting for me

I shall never be born.




This distorted world 

Until it gets better

Corrected in planning

Never shall I be born 

For that reason I repeat

I shall never be born. 








Heesta: Sebigii aan weli dhalan. Codka: Sayid Khaliifa (?)

Erayada: Macalin Saciid Saalax Axmed (USA)

Duubista: Samatar Saciid Saalax (Finland) 

Soo saaridda: ALFAN Production 

Guurinta heesta: Luul Araweelo Kulmiye (Norway)

Turjumideeda: Abdi-Nuur Xaaji Maxamed (Swedan)


Sifnaheeda sheekadan

Sarbeeb iga tusaale ah

Sadaradan la yaabka leh

Soomaaliyeey garo.


Say iyo marwaa berri

Sideed, afar, lix ama toban  

tiro sooran ubad dhalay

Tarantu way iska socotaa.



Sebi kalaa u uur galay

Waa sida kuwii hore

Mid kaloo la sugoo

Isuguna waxba aan sidan.



Hooyaa sedkeed go`ay, sagaalkeedi buuxsamay

Xuskii loo samayn jiray, sadqadii la qalay iyo 

Sitaatkiyo turbaankii, kuma iman sanqarihii

Sabigii ma uu dhalan, subixii danbeetuu soo diray fariin dheer.



Dadka joogay sabadaa, malaha waan ka soocnaa, waxaan maqlay sawaxankii



Waxaan maqlay sawaxankii, sowdkiisa ilmihii

Anaa huba sax iyo maan sadarada tilmaantee

Su`aalaha oraahduu saddex heer u kala dhigay



Sabigii aan weli dhalan wuxuu yiri sokeeyoow


Qoyskaa i sababoow maxaad ii sasabaysaan?

Baahida aan soo sido qorshe mow sameeyseen?



Sad kalaaba qaldaayoo, gurigiinnan salabkiyo

kala dhiman sariiraha, xagee baan ka seexdaa? Xagee baan ka seexdaa?



Iyadoo, oo aan soddon jirin, hooyada sirqoowdee



Sannad qura mid iga wayn, sinta bidix ku haysaa



Dhabtu saddex ma qaadee, bal halkey i saartaa?



Aabbaha safkii hore, welwelkoodu saaqee,

saxan dhiman wadaajiya, miyaan saa`id ku noqdaa?



Sabigii, ii, ii aan weli dhalan, wuxuu yiri sokeeyoow

Bulsho waynta sakatiga, iigu sacab tumaysaay

In aan helo sadkeygii, sixo caafimaadiyo

Saldhigyada aqoonta leh ma ii suuragalaysaa?



Sebigii aan weli dhalan, wuxuu yiri sokeeyoow

Sumad beerta aadmiga, loolankaa u sara kacay

Noloshaa saboolka ah, sargooyada ciriirka ah

Ani saamigaygii miyaad meel la ii suray?



 Adduunyadu sal iyo baar, inta ay sidaa tahay

nabaddii salguurtoo, cuddur la la saqiiriyo

sugayso geerudu, dhalan maayo sababteed.



 Dunidaan siyaysani, ilaa ay samaatoo

Jaanjooyo lagu saxo, dhalan maayo sababteed. Dhalan maayo sababteed!



Luul Araweelo & Farhia Aden ayaa falanqaynaya heesta "Sebigii aan weli dhalan" oo aad qoraalkeeda oo Afsoomaali iyo Ingiriisi ah aad halka hoose ka helaysid.

Waxaan heesta ka eegayna waxa ay bulshada u tabinayso. Ma garanaysaa "Gurdanraac"? Ma waxaad tahay Gurdanraac mise Gurdanraac-diid?

Heesta oo qoraal Afsoomaali iyo ingiriisi ah ka eeg 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

Beryihii Somali Week Festivel ee London, waxaa ii suurtogashay in aan la kulmo Macallin Saciid Saalax oo fursad ii siiyay in aan ka waraysto heesta Sebigii aan weli dhalan oo uu Cabdi-Nuur Maxamed English ku turjumay, halka aniga iyo Farhia Aadan aan dood ka samaynayn.

Sharaxaadda taariikhda heesta “Sebigii aan weli dhalan” iyo taariikho kale ayuu nala wadaagayaa Macallin Saciid Saalax Ahmed.

Warsan, weersan & waxsan

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