Said Salah's work won international recognition for both his poetry and his contribution to humanity suchlike as the Virginia McKnight Winger and UNICEF awards. In Minneapolis, Minnesota on December 6, 2013 the night belonged to the legendary playwright, poet, producer, peacemaker and teacher.

Hence, his fiftieth anniversary teaching, above all others, was celebrated through many events spread out around the globe. The anniversary was a marvelous one because there had never been one like it in the past in Somali circles and Undoubtedly, it is not in our costume to acknowledge one's lifetime achievement, this shows how special he is.

Lul Kulmiye and rest of SGEM team are pleased, honored, and humbled to accept this (Koor:Bell) from Moalin Said Salah Ahmed who recognized the initiative /dedication of Somali Gender Equity Movement(SOMGEM).

This award is the 11the of its kind. The first one was given to Sophia Loren and the second to Iman Abdimajid. We value this award and it will be historical inheritance for Lul and SOMGEM. Moalin Said explains that the bell is a tool used by Nomads so they can have an overview of their bosky. When bosky graze freely on pasture, the bell helps nomads so that they can easily find their animals. Said Salah`s message is use the bell to retrieve Somalinimo.

In 1975, Said Salah reached out to IFTIN (the best Somali literary bands and musicians) that was part of the Ministry of Education and took the helm. The band succeeded in producing some of the best Somali, typewritten musicnotes; and plays, Placing itself prominently in the hearts and minds of Somalis. The band`s logo was a summer bird, wooden sympol for beauty and freedom were Awarded personally to Lul Kulmiye, for an honor! Thank you Moalin Said Salah Ahmed and God bless you insha Allah.

Macallin Saciid Saalax Axmed inta aan qurbaha joognay, waxaan ku kulanay dhowr magaalo oo ay ka mid yihiin Minniapolis, Oslo, London, iyo Hargeysa!

Eebbe Cimriga uu ugu deeqay macallinka caafimaad ha ugu daro, aamiin.