Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jun 2016

By: Hassan Abuker
Lul, who has won countless awards for her activism, has a special appreciation for one medal
she received from Said Salah, the legendary literary figure and educator. He presented her with
a symbolic camel bell on behalf of all her fellow women activists.

Salah explained that the camel bell has special significance. Somalis were involved in civil war
and the she-camel that had worn the bell had perished. Her young herder had gone crazy; and
what is left of the she-camel is her bell. Somalis use various camel bells on their camels,
depending on the animal’s disposition. The fastest camel wears a special bell so that she could
be heard when she is far away; the slowest camel, which hangs around home, has also special
bell to indicate she is around.
“I am giving you the camel bell for the fastest camel because you work at a faster pace in
advocating on behalf of women,” Salah told Lul. “Let us hear from each other even when you
are far away.”