Barkhad Jamaac Batuun

Barkhad Jama Batuun: A Man on A Mission!

Immense socio-economic and political challenges anywhere produce, more often than not, a new wave of political thoughts and the people to turn them to a reality. In this part of the world, that is not the case. Challenges do exist and accumulate, but they rarely inspire new ideas or individuals to become catalyst for change.

Having said that, sometimes rather unexpectedly, wild ideas and individuals turn up from somewhere, maybe from obscurity or bewilderment. This time in moment, Barkhad, the brave man of Somaliland’s traditionally marginalised communities, do fit these arbitrary criteria. Against all the odds, from his birth to the present day, Barkhad has lived with, and miraculously overcome, enormous socio-economic and political challenges. With limited resources and limited examples to inspire him, Barkhad has graduated from the law school of Hargeisa University.

He then moved on to fight in the employment market which, sadly enough, knows no mercy or rules for a level playing field. He then moved on to join the local political movements which, in no time, he rose through their rank and file to become the spokesperson of the main opposition party. By now, he is considered a battle-hardened soldier, who always wins. He is now preparing himself, and his community by extension, for another battle to fight. He put himself forward as a candidate for the upcoming Somaliland’s parliamentary elections, scheduled in May this year. This battle is more important and obviously, more challenging than any one he previously wrestled. To read the hold article click 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽


On January 12, 2019, I had the honor to meet Ahmed Ali Dahir, Somalia’s Attorney General, in his office in Mogadishu. He was kind enough to let me interview him and ask him some pressing issues about the judiciary, condition of prisons, fighting corruption, and the day-to-day work of his office.

The interview has been translated into English and published here:




Gole Araweelo & Xeer Ilaaliyahay Qaranka ee JFS, Mudane Axmed Cali Daahir.


By Lul Arawelo Kulmiye November 11, 2018




I'd like to give my readership my sincere sentiments regarding a certain detestable phenomenon extant among our people and had been preying on mind lately. This is a very delicate matter that needs to be handled with the most elaborate courtesy and demands an urgent attention towards a lasting solution since the swords of the Damocles seems to be hanging over our heads as a community hence prompting me to write about it after taking moments of introspection and endless debates with myself, i at times silently whispered to myself "O'Luul, you're becoming the fool who rushes where even the devil's won't dare" fearing the consequence of the rigid Somali patriarchal system which bars womenfolk from the process decision making but then again I felt duty-bound to cross the Rubicon and give my tuppence since an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Points to Ponder


O thou living, what is left for you to ponder over? Nowadays, I’ve been overtaken by insults and expletives whose objectives dwelled on the theme: “Luul (Pearl) you’re going too fast; I was expecting you to have been someone endowed with enormous Somali patriotism”; these were messages that streamed from amalgamations of Somalis, young and old alike. Such cajolery instilled unease in my inner soul such that I became an enemy unto myself consequently giving me the chance to reflect on my ideological thoughts and reflections. I will share with you four episodes that occurred within a span of ten days that became part of the seeping descriptions from Somali male chauvinists. Undoubtedly, the shaming that I will expose will be weighty, however, regardless of the feelings that will permeate as you scroll through the lines, follow up to the end with patience and constancy. The affairs to be revealed hereafter are not exclusive to Somalis only, but are part of a wider scale of events experienced by nations recuperating from years of internecine wars.


Episode 1


It was on August 6, a day of astonishment and bafflement that left many males and females speak their minds in differing ways. In that episode, I wrote an article whose title was, “Marriageable Age and Adulthood are two Different Aspects”! It was that topic that I felt allowed many readers to speak up and give their views and as well it was the main progenitor that stroked commentators applying profound knowledge and researchable religious sources. 


The discussion brought together a retinue of men and women–though majority were men–men whose religious debates claimed as long as a teenage girl gets the monthly menstrual cycle, has attained womanhood and that she is ready to be womanized. Men of such nature having convoluted religious verdicts are those who surreptitiously embark on sexual rampage after having lost the sense of humility, are insensitive and opportunistic, have lost all consciousness of shame and are devoid of sexual counseling, and that the only thing they cherish is semen discharge.


To me these men who have become obsessed with girl-child marriage, and who are obstinate and rebellious to womankind, and immorally and narrow-mindedly made a universal fatwa, remind me of the old Somali adage, “this she-male camel has overwhelmed my thinking; did it swallow an axe.”? To sum up, there exist combinations of sexes who continuously keep on talking illogical, irreligious, and unscientific balderdash without any significant proof of their exchange of views. To break the gauntlet, Hadraawi had this to say:


The one who can't discern the wisdom in speech,

The one who didn't learn the essence and value of words,

The one who is slow on the uptake,

The one who lacks coherence in speech, uttering disjointed words,

Like the mighty, meandering Ganana River,

The swirling misty clouds, blown in with the rains,

Did thus its swelling banks, burst in the night,

After convergence by many a tributary…


Apart from that, there exists illogically plain tongue-lashing techniques, where parties beating drums of war exchange reproachable imprecations using insurmountable amount of money with intent to dissuade certain individuals abandon their religious convictions.


The poem “Gardarro” or ‘insults ‘of Abdullahi Dhoodaan (1972), in his fourth page expounds using a short stretch that is worth mediating on:


Mats spread out for debates, to secure futile peace,

Each attendee displayeth agape mouth, and viciousness,

Selecteth ‘em boards, and committee members,

Every successful jury outcome, delivereth proceedings,

At the final verdict, the two parties get flummoxed,

When compromise faileth, each seeketh defense,

He, who loseth the verdict, hurleth expletives.


I will summarize Episode 1 with an article by Ms. Wilo Cabdulle (2018) on Facebook:


“Somali men who are searching for Somali women are on an all out war to retard Somali girls who are sprouting up like reproducing red roses. To speak in biological terms, these are human hens articulately sitting on eggs with precautionary measures then harvesting rotten eggs. The forceful marriage of underage girls who have not attained 18-years is unjustified and lacking merit. To safeguard our daughters from superficial harm and uphold the existence of Somali sovereignty, it is vital we abandon the unnecessary search for underage girls, avoid obstructing their development and repudiate the rotten eggs syndrome.”


When wrapped up together, it would appear as if the general population is only restricted to the application of “Visionary Focus” with other senses in absentia. Regardless of seeing and feeling the reality on the ground, the only criteria they apply to appease their opposite sex, and that is the old traditional epitome that states, “Islam has liberated women and completed their rights and responsibilities”, a strong, unobservable fact held by both men and women though men always hold the mantle due to the ancient patriarchal lineage system that give them leverage over family matters. To proof what we want for someone is worth grabbing, the following written correspondence is a testament to what a human covets.


Young man: “The right of Muslim women has been defined by the Holy Quran.”


Lady: That`s true, but if that`s not applied then what?


Me: You don’t need to tell us that as we are grown up people, however, could you tell us how to put into perspective or will you simply keep quiet?


Young man: Sister Luul, kindly limit your criticisms; we can see the difficulties faced by abandoned migrant underage married girls with children…while those teenage mothers left in Somalia venture into early market hustles cuddling out of school kids coupled with exposure to bombings.


Me: First and foremost, while knowing that, how comes you only stick to the Qur’anic injunctions, and secondly, why do you have to evade a general discussion of the overwhelmingly visible social problems that are affecting our old and young women, internally and externally, and don’t you want a deliberative scrutiny to circumvent the precarious conditions not only for the present but for posterity?


Young man: It is okay to debate; however, I like the criticisms to have effective solutions and a way forward to changing the prevailing conditions. Is this discussion not akin to one blatantly leaning towards “Visionary Focus” in the absence of psychological reflection? The fact that this attests to lack of responsibility, when another fellow citizen poses a question of such nature to you, make sure you come with a satisfactory answer. In a nutshell, it entails that it is up to the womenfolk and it doesn’t concern me (man) in anyway. The words above mean affection or perfectionism and the imprisoned consciousness should be discarded altogether.


Episode 2


It was on the 11th of August when the National Economy Board was formed. It was at that time that I became part of the vocal voices constituting men and women that challenged the selection criteria that was not inclusive of the general social makeup. In solidarity we profoundly decried the low qualifications of some of the board members, while other men jumped on the bandwagon in support of their male counterparts using unjustified language against the womenfolk. Their futile claims that women have been ineffective in social fabric became part of their solid discussions.


A combined group of men and women candidly gave their ideas, while at the same time mentioning the names of select number of women with advanced qualifications in economics. Since contempt of anything leads to self-destruction and that it is outrageously dehumanizing if you are used to misappropriations of funds, the end result leads to all eyes focusing on your misdeeds. Muhammad Ibrahim Warsame, while explaining the role required of men, especially what is expected of fathers in family and social solidification, poignantly reflected in a poem in the following lines:


Men have all turned to politics, cutting the fetters thereby,

Exclaiming to amend that, which doth not tally with thy interest,

Uttering baseless words, thus anointing the married woman,

Her keen watchfulness, turneth he to morbidity, her elbows dusty,

He kicketh her while he standeth, throwing dust upon her, while she lieth in his sanctuary, For the other she becometh a partner only in bed, and ye blemishless mom, Thy intercession, highly recommended.


Before concluding, what are the factors that attracted me to cite the poetic admonishments at this juncture? It’s my sincere believe and conviction that if society fails to advocate the application of equality and justice coupled with care and devotion, it will ultimately lead to the decline and collapse of existing general cohesion.


Episode 3


In the aftermath of the 14th August debate the grim reality of victimization that afflicts the young girls and some womenfolk among the Somali community got exposed following an interview that was prepared and conducted by a Somali reporter.


In the light of this disheartening reports, we witnessed the emergence a group of men who vehemently denied that young girls were being exploited due to their gender and had been forcibly assigned with the burden taking care of infants so beware lest you lose your child; rendered dead as a result of duty!!!


Wait, wait , listen to their point of argument first and at that point a few women joined in the discussion, they didn't repudiate that there was an intractable problem but they attacked the reporter who happened to a bete' noir among them, the fact that they didn't concur with him in principle notwithstanding.


They went a point further by saying his reports could be the cause of further problems for their relatives, residing in the Diaspora and hence their intervention in the matter to save the ones living abroad. I'm flabbergasted!!!


This reminded me of a Somali lullaby of yore that was sang by a mother who had just delivered a baby girl. We all know that the difficulties of childbirth and it was not lost on her that had she given birth to a baby boy that her husband could've sacrificed an expensive animal as a symbol of pride and could as well have sacrifice another one for her "recuperation", and thus the grieving mother sang the following lullaby in lamentation.


O yeah, O yeah, what brought ye my smart daughter?

In your stead, a smart boy who could tarry with men,

A ram could lie prone. ​


Meaning that if you were a boy, men could celebrate your birth with pomp and splendor and a goat could've been sacrificed for you.


Hadrawi had this to say:


Transgression of a father shall become a constant thorn upon his progeny, The man who violates the chastity of a girl unripe for marriage, upon him a high cliff shall be brought down, Thine provisions be straitened, A similar fate shall thine daughter experience,


Thine ignominious act and pain that thou inflicted, On one eventide wilt thou relate to others regarding thine despicable folly.


Dhoodaan also gave a description of transgression in the following lines in his 1st page of his poem:


O you transgression causeth pains, now and then,

Your inflictions have risen, your afflictions as well,

Thou are laden with crime, deserving punishment,

Destruction thou art mastered, your salvage unknown,

Expert thou are at destroying stable homes,

Whoever thou leadeth, seeth not progress,

Thou and death have plundered humankind.


Weren't the two parents who sired the girl rendered without posterity, regardless of whether she wrong, for to err is human and its only Allah who is infallible. Moreover, an adage of yore goes:


“Thou canst give up on anyone, be he resourceful or useless.

The one who parepareth the building of the house, thou kicked out.

The pretext being “She hath visited shame upon our family.”


My question to you is that do we worship Allah or we worship ordinary mortals like us? My major objective of saying the statement above is that before we embark on an action or make a counter-action it'll be prudent to restrain ourselves.


Let's first have a look and let's try to judiciously ascertain where the problem stems from. That's what will shed light upon the reality of the situation prevailing at that particular time regarding the individual, without inclining towards any group or wrongly putting the blame on any party.


Episode 4


It was followed by a reshuffle on the 16th of August when cadres holding positions in the security agencies were discharged only to be replaced by new faces. As was common, men dominated the scene even though only two ladies appeared in the list. My felicitations to the newly appointed ladies brought up a new breed of men who were pretending to be seekers of unity while they were claiming or debasing me with the theme, Luul abandon your pursuit of feminine elevation and never forget to deny men their inalienable rights, if not, you will dismantle the existing unity between women and overall society.

 It seemed as if they were blinded and their audio faculties sealed. It is a question worth pondering what denied such ideologically retarded men to comprehend the significance of salvaging our womenfolk and also deter our promiscuous men from the teenage daughters we conceived together? Since time immemorial, it has been a common factor for both parents to partake in reconciliation efforts when their two teenage sexes engaged in unnecessary altercations. Undoubtedly, societies shoulder the responsibilities of parents. The 17th line of the poem “Gardaro” which translates to ‘insults’elucidates our general understanding, so please allow me to share it with you.


If vaunting and amour propre, is not relinquished,

Running helter-skelter and pride will help you not,

The Peace thou hast dissolved, remaineth in absurdity,

If remedy is beyond reach, thence it has burrowed itself,

Whoever it blameth, it giveth a stealth kick,

Then it cutteth barriers, and tumbles thereafter,

It scampers for safety, from the one who shocketh it,

Perturbeth and animadversion and, staggereth to be exact,

Sub-conscious complains, is impossible to decipher,

Thou seeketh eth adulteration, of one thou harmeth,

Mockery dost thou, supersede extermination unabated,

Mockery thou art unmatched in liquidations.


Dear reader, without adding insult to injury, after having read the four episodes, I hope you will give me credit after having fully understood the message relayed to you and on the other hand, I’m of the opinion that you will attest to the fact that I have not delivered something that is contrary to my previous way of literary approach that is commensurate with my fight for justice and social responsibility. I do believe you have understood that the current spate of shameful events have been far more lethal in the past. I find it mindboggling seeing conglomeration of men who perceive what I fought in the past and dubbed “Ladies Jokes”, has been transformed into a coercive implement of skullduggery if thoroughly scrutinized. If all avenues of peaceful resolution are exhausted, other available ways and means will be theorized. You wouldn’t be amazed to see yourself bringing your work to a grinding halt when unstoppable seduction permeates your consciousness.

Regardless of your gender, get prepared and comprehend the techniques that can be methodologically put into force knowingly and unknowingly until such a time you are left disoriented or you are denied the formality of what female seeking entails.


“However, I will share with you an advice that clearly defines the insignificant cautiousness that you are being pushed into by the one lacking wisdom and the one you ought to share social responsibility”! These are internally ingrained philosophical thoughts that nurture my humanness that as well supplement my broadly concealed clairvoyance. I wish to notify you that men and women who are on the onslaught against factors such as repression and oppression, bodily, mental, economic, honor, and other rapacious acts against women, that have been recorded in the four episodes are not new to us. In this essay I will conclude with the philosophical expressions of Lady Hawa Jibril (RIP):


Let alone great men, they've passed on to eternity, women have been slain,

Am grieving for a she-camel, fallen prey to a hyena,

The similitude of our country is that,


Understand the root of mine words and back it up dutifully, think not it’s an amusement.


Lul Arawelo Kulmiye

NB: This article previously appeared on WardheerNews in Somali version: The English translation was made possible by. Adan Makina who is a member of WDN Editorial Board and Abdi Ismail Dalal, a Poet, a prolific writer, and a former employee of Garissa County Government.


See pictures below that are part of the article. 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽



December 21, 2018

By Lul Araweelo Kulmiye


Between December 13 and December 18, 2018, I spent some time in Ethiopia. I had the opportunity to go to Jigjiga, the capital of the Somali State, and meet with various government officials, including President Mustafa M. Omer. I met women activists, business people, and members of the civil society. I also visited Jail Ogaden, once a center of torture and human rights violations. Among the leaders I met was Ahmed-Yassin Sh. Ibrahim, the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF)’s Secretary for Foreign Affairs. Here is the interview I conducted with him.


Read here the article 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽






Gole Araweelo & Doorka iyo Hiigsiga ONLF



November 21, 2018

By Lul Araweelo Kulmiye


In October, 2018, a major Somali cultural event took place in London— the 10th anniversary of the Somali Week Festival (SWF). Many Somalis came from different parts of the world to be part of the event. Somali poets, artists, musicians, writers, youth, elderly, men and women all congregated to celebrate Somali culture and listen to various literary figures who gave speeches or recited their poetry. It was a historical cultural celebration, and the 10-day event did not disappoint those who attended or followed it through its live broadcast. A picture of some of the guests of the SWF and London-based artists and journalists. Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, opened the event with a perceptive and uplifting speech. He thanked Kayd Somali Arts & Culture for organizing such an important cultural event in a major city like London for 10 consecutive years. Khan’s speech was welcomed with cheers and applause when he quoted Somalia’s eminent poet, Mohamed Ibrahim Warsame “Hadrawi.”





Pic1: Lul Arawelo

pic2: A women

Pic3: The National Economy Board whit PM Hassan Kaire


When Lul “Araweelo” Kulmiye was a child, she had big dreams.

“I will work with a pen and notebook in my hand,” she recalled saying.

Recently, when she found herself standing in a Norwegian court interpreting for Somalis, she realized that her dream has become reality.

“Wow!” she gasped. “It never occurred to me before to connect my childhood aspirations with my current professional work.”


Read more:

PDF Hassan M Abukar - August 28, 2018

How women are changing the face of politics in Somalia By Carol Natukunda, Agencies Added 22nd November 2016 11:28 AM

Determined to challenge stereotypes that the coastal Horn of Africa country is the worst place to live as a woman, a group of Somali women set out on an ambitious journey. Their mission: to close the gender gap in their country’s political participation.

One time, Zainab M. Hassan, Ifrah M. Farah, Lul H. Kulmiye along with seven other Somali women living in the diaspora met each other in Europe and the United States where they were separately going about their work.

Eventually, they developed a bond. They realised the glaring absence of Somali women’s voices in critical debates such as the Somalia Vision 2016, the country’s transitional framework. This bond saw the birth of a women’s rights advocacy movement, the Somali Gender Equity Movement (SGEM).

This social movement brings together thousands of Somalis around the world who believe in gender equity in dialogue in a traditionally male dominated cultural context.

SGEM was formally launched in US in June 2015, before it was rolled out home.


The article talks also about my return to Somalia after twenty years in Norway. But I have to correct one ting, "I left as a young girl, almost fifteen years old," it says in the article. However the correct quote, which I told them was ,"I left as a young women, over twenty years old".  Not fifteen. 


To read more:




Special report, WardheerNews

Editor’s note: This is the second of a series of articles WardheerNews will be running to highlight how the Regional Administrations managed the selection of the Upper House members as part of Somalia’s 2016 elections.

Then, on October 20, 2016, the day of the election, Mumino’s world turned upside down.

In a daring Skype interview with Lul Araweelo Kulmiye, a human rights and gender equality specialist based in Oslo, Norway, Mumino said that she was railroaded, beaten, and detained.“I am a Somali nationalist who has every right to run for political office,” Mumino said. “However, I was prevented from participating in the election by armed soldiers from the SW Administration.”

According to Mumino, it all started some time ago when she filed all the necessary papers for the race for Somalia’s Upper House. She said she gave a “raving speech” before the SW parliament, which selects members for the Upper House. Those who heard her speech, she added, were impressed with her and were in tears. She denied that she had a secret agreement with her rival to withdraw from the race in his favor. “That is not true,” she said...


Read more: 

Global Somali women launch movement to play an important role in politics (Jun 14, 2015)

 By  | June 14, 2015


Speaking thousands of miles away from their homeland, a group of Somali women from the diaspora Saturday night launched a movement in Minneapolis that would advocate for equal political representation for women in Somalia’s government.


Fed up by the lack of enough women in the country’s decision making process, this women-led movement wants to be a reckoning force in the upcoming presidential election in 2016.

The Somali Gender Equity Movement (Kacdoonka Sinnaanta Jinsiga Soomaaliyeed) aims to unite Somali women and provide them a platform that would help them participate in the country’s reconstruction and its nascent political process.

Colorfully and sharply dressed, the event was a sight to behold.

Zainab M. Hassan, founder of the movement, said the group has members from all over the world and all across Somalia, including  Benadir, Puntland and Somaliland regions.

She created a Facebook page two months ago and invited a few of her friends to the page, and the friends in turn invited their friends. The page has more than 9,000 members and growing. Zeinab reiterated that this is the “beginning of a movement that will do great things for women.”

“Women’s contribution is critical to the development of our society,” she said.

The women speakers came from around the world.

Muhubo Ahmed Said, popularly known as Muhubo Fabulous, one of the speakers who has established a powerful presence on social media, was very loud, assertive and passionate. She reminded her audience that their people back home depended on them to do good work that will help them; that the voices of Somali women matter.

“Somali women have arrived, they are not waiting for permission,” Muhubo said. “People back home are depending on us to do good so that they can benefit from our efforts.”

Sheikh Abdirahman Sharif, the main theologian for the night, urged the attendees both men and women of their role to making positive and honest contributions to their community.

There was an emotional moment when one of the speakers, Fadumo Hiraad, the first female Somali reporter for Radio Mogadishu and also a singer, called her daughter, Sahra Omar Dhule, to the stage. The two hugged each other. This sewed the audience to the speakers and from that point the two were inseparable henceforth. The theme of the their speech was to remind the women to remember their history and preserve it and perpetuate it.

Fadumo told the audience in attendance that the women in her generation went through more hardships. Their environment was not conducive for change because of entrenched bigotry against women, but that notwithstanding, they made some gains and that it is the obligation of this generation to take over from them and move forward the struggle for gender equity in the Somali community.

“Women did not have the economic means to fight oppressions but they were resourceful in their efforts,” Fadumo told the audience. “They, for example, sewed clothes, made jewelry, and sold them to finance the efforts of their struggles.”

“Women, know your history and the contributions you made to the overall struggle. And then build on that.”

The reception of the gathering was positive and optimistic about the role women will play in the future in women’s representation in every sphere of the Somali community.

“Women will make important contributions to the Somali community,“ said Lul H. Kulmiye, the moderator of the event. “They will do this using the force of their minds–and not force of their muscles,” insinuating that women will do things differently than what men have always done.

Ruqia Mohamed of Minnesota, an attendee who works in Somalia, said, “Her goal is to get as many of Somalis living abroad to go back to Somali to help with the rebuilding effort.”

“Your education and skills is badly needed back home,” she said.

Hassan Ahmed is a freelance writer in Minneapolis and Sahan Journal contributor. He can be reached at

Some of the attendees during the launch of SOMGEM June 13, 2015

Founders of the Somali Equity Movement in Minneapolis